Nikon D500 - Field Tested Review

Featured Sunday, 12 June 2016 10:33

Join us as we put the new flagship crop camera through it's paces in the field - birding, sports and outdoor portraiture.

Note this review focuses on the D500 as a high speed stills camera. Will test out its video in a future video.






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  • Comment Link Andy Gray Monday, 13 June 2016 06:07 posted by Andy Gray

    Hi Matt,

    Really enjoyed your D500 review, one quick question.. I am thinking of upgrading from my D7000 to either a D750 or now D500 - what would be the pros and cons in each case, in your opinion. Apart from my D7000 kit lens, all my others would work equally well with DX or FX

  • Comment Link MICHAELDMILLER1960 Monday, 13 June 2016 13:03 posted by MICHAELDMILLER1960

    Thanks for the great, more importantly UN-biased review, like all your others.

  • Comment Link Mark Orchard Thursday, 16 June 2016 11:36 posted by Mark Orchard

    In the review you say a D810 is better built than a D500. I own both. And a D4s. I can honestly say the D4s is a tank. But the D500 and D810 feel exactly the same.

  • Comment Link Roel Werkman Thursday, 16 June 2016 15:54 posted by Roel Werkman

    Mine [D500] is returned to Nikon for investigating noisy images from as low as ISO 400. This was also the case when compared to another brand new body. I wonder what Nikon's reply will be.

  • Comment Link Tony Friday, 17 June 2016 14:02 posted by Tony

    where were you shooting that you would have been restricted from shooting a public sports event where there may have been someone under the age of 18?.... that's absurd to even have that questioned... Yes, keeping it friendly is preferred... and as a 65 yo male I do get some questionable "looks"... but I'm a photographer... you are "supposed" to be innocent until proven guilty of a crime... lol... and my god... you were shooting MEN... it's not like you were shooting an 8 yo girls soccer match... and that would not be illegal either... we at least in the USA... Yes, pick your battles to get the results you want... BUT, if a stranger challenges you... ask them to identify themselves, why they are questioning you and why they feel you may be doing something inappropriate or illegal... depending on their answer... which could be hostile to start with... like: "I don't like it and I think you are doing something you shouldn't be doing"... you take out your cell phone... dial 911... and report you are a photographer, in a public setting, and being confronted by a potentially hostile stranger... then ask him/her if they would like to explain to the police what they believe you are doing wrong... that should be the end of the discussion OR you can then request assistance at that time if they seem to be belligerent or aggressive.

  • Comment Link George Monday, 20 June 2016 09:23 posted by George

    wonderful review, quick question is there a Canon camera equivalent to the D500?

  • Comment Link George Monday, 20 June 2016 10:39 posted by George

    wonderful review, quick question is there a Canon camera equivalent to the D500?

  • Comment Link Roel Werkman Monday, 20 June 2016 21:27 posted by Roel Werkman

    OK, for now Nikon replies that the D500 meets specs.... And compared it to another one they have (how?). Noise at ISO 400, where my D3X and former D7000 perform(ed) tarnation well. Tell me about QC and production batches. So, I asked to call me and explain specs and comparison "rules of engagement"

  • Comment Link Ian Garrioch Tuesday, 21 June 2016 01:31 posted by Ian Garrioch

    Tony, i photograph a lot of kids football and it's easier to just approach the coaches of each team prior to the game and check if anyone has any objections. So far no one has objected. If a parent approaches me asking why i'm taking photos i can then reply that i have permission from both coaches and that seems in most cases to satisfy them.

  • Comment Link Maurits Wolf Thursday, 23 June 2016 06:46 posted by Maurits Wolf

    My main pro camera is the Nikon D810 This camera is fabulous my first and backup camera is the D5200. I have been getting spectacular results and low light is not an issue I have the 24mm-70mm and 70mm - 200mm nikon zoom lenses what is your opinion of my D810 I am a freelance phohotographer. I am interested in hwta you think I read many reviews of the D810 before i purchased one. I hired one for a week to test it out before i bought it.

  • Comment Link Roel Werkman Friday, 24 June 2016 19:31 posted by Roel Werkman

    To sum up on the noisy D500, I returned it. Now checking out a D810 and it seems pretty decent (understatement). I know about photo sites, DX vs FX etc, but what me really surprises is the fact that my D3X is still good compared (on low ISO's), compared to the newest stuff. She's not fast, but I get around that by setting my lens(es) manually to infinity in between shots (when subject is > 10m away and I have the time to do so), so she knows that focus alway will be short of that. That's my tip for now.

  • Comment Link Mike S. Tuesday, 26 July 2016 18:07 posted by Mike S.

    Great review as always...
    I have a request and some questions...
    Could you please review the Nikon 16-80mm f2.8-4 lens. This lens goes with the D500 kit.
    I am in the market for a quality multi-purpose, walk-around, zoom that would probably spend 90% of the time on my camera.
    I was pretty much determined to buy the 16-80mm, then, after many glowing reviews, I have encountered a VERY negative one :

    This guy claims that this lens does NOT have a TRUE Silent Wave Motor despite its AF-S designation... He says that instead it has a slow focusing, noisy motor with PLASTIC gears.
    I would like someone trustworthy to confirm if that is true or not?
    Wouldn't want plastic gears to break a nave a useless lens... would like it to last a few years...
    Is this lens worth the premium $$$ it is selling for?
    Thank you

  • Comment Link Paul Jacques Wednesday, 03 August 2016 16:18 posted by Paul Jacques

    I have the D750 & D500 (I actually traded in my D4 for the D500), and agree with your observations. The D500 is superb, but it doesn't focus lock as fast as the D750 with the same lens. Now don't get me wrong, the D500 is plenty fast, but something in my gut tells me it's been deliberately nobbled just a tad. Did the D500 perform better than expected in development?

  • Comment Link prakash singh Wednesday, 03 January 2018 09:12 posted by prakash singh

    hi matt i have D5 and 600mm f4
    i use benro tripod and gimbal head and find it bulky.

    can you please suggest the model no for tripod and ball head you are used in this video


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