I have been offline dealing with a family medical emergency. I have some completed videos that will go live in the next weeks, but I may not be able to reply to comments. If you see comments or questions from people frustrated at my lack of response, please let them know I will be unavailable for a while.

Sadly, with medical costs rising, I still need business to turn over. So I have just created a coupon code at both websites that give 50% off most courses.

Use code family at the check out and 50% will be instantly taken off almost all courses at Matt Granger school, Here (You can get 20% off the set up guides with code family2 )

You can also get 50% off all courses at Art Nude Portraiture, with code family



Live Photo Review

February competition now closed.

March competition theme 'WEATHER'

1. email your entry to toglife (at) mattgranger dot com by 31 March

2. rename file to include YOUR name and the topic

(EG mattgranger_weather.jpg)

3. Only 1 shot per person, shots around 4000 pixel on long side.

4. I HATE to require this - but YouTube has been really tight on nudity. Only fully implied or covered images are allowed. Even blurred nudity goes against YouTube terms of service. Sorry and thanks for complying.

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