Below is the equipment I use and love. I can't promise it will suit your needs or shooting style, but I list the reasons it works for me. 


Nikon Z9 - as a Nikon shooter, the Z9 has been a revelation. Fair to say they were late to the party, but they more than made up with this beast. B&H Photo / Amazon 

Nikon Z6ii - Our second video camera angle is usually filimed on the Z6ii. Great camera at a reasonable price. B&H Photo / Amazon 

Nikon FE - everyone has their favourite - and the FE is mine. Such a joy to use - all manual controls - with the addition of an aperture priority mode... it is just gorgeous. And you can pick up a fabulous quality used unit for a bargain. Check out the range at KEH Camera USA - Amazon Worldwide 


Nikon 14-24mm f2.8. Here is a lens that just works. The image quality is great and the design is smart, allowing you to use traditional filters on a bulbous lens. B&H Photo / Amazon

Nikon 24-70 f2.8. My most used lens. The focal length is great - on FX and DX, it is sharp, fast, accurate, well built and 100% reliable. The F mount was always a go to for me, but the Z mount lens is SO much better.. If any other lens broke, I would take time considering whether to replace it. I would replace the 24-70 the same day - it is that good.  B&H Photo / Amazon 

Nikon 24-70 f4.0. We use the f4 lens mostly for video. It is compact and has nice image quality.  A good value option for many shooters.  B&H Photo / Amazon 

Nikon 70-200 f2.8  So fast and razor sharp - and at the long end the bokeh is just dreamy. This is an expensive lens - but worth every penny to me. The VRII is also fabulous. B&H Photo /  Amazon

50mm f1.8z. I did a video comparing all the Nikkor 50mm lenses and decided that the 1.8 version offered the best balance of image quality, size and price. It is really a great lens. But as you will see below... B&H Photo /  Amazon

50mm f1.2z. As I suggested above, the 1.8 version really is great and enough for most uses. But after getting to use the 1.2 on a few challenging outdoor shoots, I realised the advantages it offers. In backlit situation it retains an amazing level of detail. And wide open it is absolutely outstanding. The sharpness and contrast is sublime and the blur is super creamy. B&H Photo /  Amazon

Nikon 85mm 1.8z. Nikon do not make a faster 85mm for Z mount yet, but I have found myself using the 50mm more and more, so the f1.8 is a great option for now. Note the optical quality is even better than the F mount equivalent. B&H Photo / Amazon


Nikon 105mm 1.4E. This lens is exceptional It is one of only 3 F mount lenses I still own. The 105 came out in 2016 and on paper it didn't make sense to me. It is so much bigger, heavier and more expensive than the 85mm - for 20mm extra reach?? But in practice - it is just gorgeous. Optically superior to just about every Nikkor lens listed here, the bokeh is as good as it gets, and it actually performs great. After testing it thoroughly for 2 weeks, it was an easy decision to buy this one. I have the feeling this is going to get a lot of use and become my top portrait lens, & second favourite lens overall. B&H Photo / Amazon 

Nikon 200mm f2.0. My favourite F Mount lens. The way it seperates your subject from the background is unmatched IMO. It is so accurate, sharp & contrasty where it should be, and BUTTER everywhere else. And I don't know what magic dust they sprinkled on the AF unit - but this is also the fastest focussing Nikkor lens I have used - a phenomenal lens.  B&H Photo / Amazon

 500mm PF. I bought this lens at the end of 2021 for bird photography. It works fantastically well on the Z9 with the FTZII Adapter. Such a great lens - yes you are compromising on aperture, but the image quality is very nice and the size and weight are perfect for hiking. B&H Photo / Amazon


Audio is critical to making good quality video content. 

Rode Lavalier Mic. I tried 3 different brands of mics before finding the Rode Lav - it is incredible - it is just as tiny as any other lav mic, but it creates such great results. Get it nice and close to your mouth and you can't go too wrong. The cable is great too - reinforced with kevlar and I have never gotten crackling sounds from movement or twisting. It comes in a carry case with loads of accessories and wind muffler. Check it out. USA - Adorama / B&H Photo / Amazon   UK - Amazon

Rode smartLav. This is a much cheaper lav mic that will plug straight into your DSLR or even your iphone etc and capture great audio. It is not as rich sounding as the original Lav mic, but it is much more affordable and versatile. USA - Adorama / B&H Photo / Amazon   UK - Amazon

Rode Videomic Pro. This is a great little shotgun mic that gets MUCH better audio than the built in mic. It isolates the audio straight in front and eliminates the side areas. It is powered by a 9v battery. The most common question I get about this is about the cables as they are skinnier than the old version - yes, in my experience they are very strong - I haven't broken one! USA - B&H Photo / Amazon Adorama.   UK - Amazon

Rode STEREO Videomic Pro. This mic is great for getting environmental audio. It does not isolate like the VMP above, it will get all the action in the area - in nice nuanced detail. USA - B&H Photo / Amazon Adorama.   UK - Amazon

Rode Broadcaster. This mic is extremely high quality - of the mics I own it is the highest qaulity audio. It is my go to mic when in studio - it is XLR connection, and I run it through my Allen&Heath mix desk. USA - B&H Photo / AmazonAdorama UK - Amazon

Rode Podcaster. This mic has a high quality capture unit and connects directly to your computer via USB. Great for voice over. USA - B&H Photo / Amazon Adorama UK - Amazon

Rode Procaster. This mic has the same capture unit as the Podcaster, but it is an XLR connector. Great for voice over. USA -B&H Photo / AmazonAdorama UK - Amazon


Large tripod Legs I use for Birding and some photoshoots. I use the Pro media gear legs with either of the heads below. B&H Photo / Amazon

Gimbal head - I have tested most on the market - this is the best. B&H Photo / Amazon

Ball Head - B&H Photo / Amazon

Large Video Tripod: B&H Photo / Amazon

Medium Video Tripod: B&H Photo / Amazon

Tiny Video Tripod: B&H Photo / Amazon 

Monopod: B&H Photo / Amazon

Head for Monopod: B&H Photo / Amazon

Favourite midsize Photo Tripod: B&H Photo / Amazon 



Compagnon. This is an incredibly comfortable bag for hiking, and it will take a 400mm f2.8 with a few camera bodies, as well as personal items. B&H Photo  

Bumblebee. I own the old Kata version, but Manfrotto bought them and this is the replacement. It has a great aluminium frame that keeps the bag off your bag - great for hot sweaty days. B&H Photo / Amazon

Lens Limo. Designed to carry a single super telephoto lens. B&H Photo / Amazon

Roller bags

The main roller I have used for many years now is the Thinktank 4 wheel option. I replaced the handle, but the bag is going strong after many trips around the world. Love it. B&H Photo / Amazon

Sling bags

 Small leather bag for mirrorless kit. B&H Photo

Medium leather bag for larger kit. B&H Photo

Small 'weekender' bag, great for a full shoot, or to take on a weekend away. B&H Photo 

Large 'weekender'. Stylist and large enough for a huge kit, or a normal kit and personal items for a trip. B&H Photo


We got a lot of questions lately about the gear used for our LIVE Videos. Here is a list:

Camera + Lens

Capture Device (BH - Amazon)

HDMI Cable

Computer & Monitor


Main light 1 and #2

Rear light

And we route it through OBS Studio software



BlackRapid Straps. Do yourself a BIG favour and get a BlackRapid strap. Every single person I know that has tried one, now swears by them. Ingenious, well built, and a bargain – works out to about one massage after a long day of shooting! I prefer the Sport model, or the double when shooting with two bodies. USA - B&H Photo / Amazon Adorama.   UK - Amazon