Welcome to the Guide to Off Camera Flash!

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In this 60 minute download video guide, I show you everything you need to get your flash off camera and to start making creative flash portraits. 

This is a information dense program - no filler. We cover:

- Gear features and options

- Setting up the equipment

- Camera settings and workflow

- Complete demonstration of the process from zero, to final shot

- Includes 2 bonus 'uncut' off camera flash photoshoots with Stephanie.

- It includes a PDF overview and buying guide



- This is an express course specifically for those wanting to get their flash off camera. It is not a general course covering loads of topics.

- The download is 1080HD quality and the 4 files total 1GB

- If you already own Take Control of The Light - most of this material is already covered - Just here it is more succinct and with Steph! Please take note - and don't expect a refund if you buy this on top of TCOTL :)

Off Camera Flash