Behind The Photo - Intimate Portrait shoot in a NYC Taxi cab

Featured Thursday, 09 October 2014 04:34

Shot as we travelled from Central Park to Times Square.


I had a full afternoon of shooting planned with this lovely model, who had taken part in my weekend workshop in NYC. I had a shot planned of her emerging from a taxi in front of one of the iconic hotels, wearing just a wide brim hat, pearls and a clutch handbag.

Jacquii brought along a bunch of ‘upper class’ lady themed accessories, but the only hat we had to use was a smaller one, which I felt would be lost in the large shot I had planned, soI improvised.

We hailed a cab at Central Park to take us into Times Square. As we jumped in we asked the taxi driver if he minded we take some flash photos as he drove. As soon as we got the OK, Jacquii stripped off and as we had planned, began to touch up her make up with the compact mirror.

I squeezed myself against the far window, and shot with a 15mm prime ultra wide angle lens to get all of her in shot. I used on camera flash, bounced from behind and above myself, with the diffuser down as it was already close to the ceiling of the cab!

I shot this at 1/20th of a second to get enough movement in the background as the cab drove through the, and f8 to minimise the ambient inside the cab – so I could effectively freeze Jacquii still with my flash. I set the flash power manually to expose her and balance the outside ambient light. 10 minutes of shooting, and we stepped out at Times Square, job done.



  • Comment Link Olivier Friday, 10 October 2014 12:45 posted by Olivier

    That's an amazing shot ... congrats to both of you ... and the taxi driver to drive you safely :-))

  • Comment Link Philip Bruland Friday, 10 October 2014 16:40 posted by Philip Bruland

    Such a cool concept! Really inventive. I was hoping you would post this photo since it was in one of your vlogs.

  • Comment Link Nick Sunday, 12 October 2014 23:01 posted by Nick

    Nipples censored? This is Australia not the US!

  • Comment Link Peter D Tuesday, 11 August 2015 07:53 posted by Peter D

    Looks like the "Poms" are less censored than the colonies "Model Society" is battling the same "Victorian" attitude toward photographic nude art. They draw the parallel between ancient art and modern art photography. Keep it up Matt, remember at one time women did not have the vote, you experience is an extension of this bigotry.


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