Implied Nude Portraiture

FAQs & Terms

What is "Implied" nude portraiture?

Implied Nude Portraits - as we define it in this course - are sensual, beautiful and artistic images that imply nudity, without explicitly showing nipples or genitals. We show a range of poses and set ups that range from the model being fully clothed, wearing modesty covers, to full nude - but all final images are crafted to remain 'implied'.

So whether the model was fully nude, partially or fully clothed at the time of shooting, our use of posing, light and shadow and angles, mean that the final images do not explicitly show exposed nipples or genitals, the nudity is implied and therefore should keep you on the right side of the social media censors. 

Is the video series itself 'work safe'?

That depends on your workplace! :) I would say, to be safe, that this course is not suited for publiv viewing, or an audience under 18. 

It is artistic in nature, tastefully shot and edited and not designed for titilation - but the subject is still the human body, so close ups and various states of female, male and couple nudity is in the video footage. 

The course is designed to prepare mature photographers for shooting with real models in a variety of situations  - running through the reality of this genre. See full info.

Tell me about the satisfaction gaurantee.

I want all customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. I aim to be honest and open about the specific content and what you will learn, and not mislead anyone. If you feel that the course did not deliver as promised, or that it fell short in some way - please write to me within the 30 days and I will issue a refund. Please note this does not cover you simply changing your mind after downloading, or having not read the course description before purchasing.

We are a small team, so please don't abuse our good nature.

I do request anyone asking for a refund fill out a short questionairre so we can further improve our offerings.

Do I need prior experience?

The program is designed for photographers and models of all levels. We run you through very simple poses that work with all body types, that allow the model to remain mostly covered, and then take you up in ocmplexity to more advanced techniques and poses. 

We also provide you with dozens of poses, advice on working with models, lighting and camera setting guidance.

Whether this will be your first portrait shoot, your 10th or 100th, I am confident the program has lessons to help you further refine your Implied Portraiture.

 Pre order FAQS

The Implied Nude Portraiture video series officially launches on January 1st, 2020. It is available for pre-order at a discount, however the 1080 HD videos will not be sent until January 2020. Pre-order discount ends December 31 2019.

The bonus materials will be sent immediately, as well as a welcome video from Steph and me. 

The 1080 video files will be sent out from January 1st, in the same order that purchases are made. If you are #1 on the list it will be the first to deliver on January 1 2020; if you are number 200 it will be a few days later. Please note that it will take some time to deliver all pre-orders, but will seek to send all downloads out by January 15, 2020. We realise this process requires some patience - that is why the pre-order comes at a discounted price. No refunds will be issued to those who change their mind about waiting for delivery.