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Hi Matt,

Just found your interesting tutorials , or what ever you call them. I am a Swedish photographer, between pro and serious hobby, shooting with D810, D800 and D3s. I have a project this coming weekend, a marriage in the archipelago, October windy and even worse in worst case. We are talking Sweden! Three days. I have decided to use the Nikon 20mm 1,8 and the 58 mm 1,4 and maybe also 35mm 2.

I also have Nikon 14-24 2,8 but to my mind the fixed lenses mostly give a little better quality.

I have a SB900 which I am going to use on the camera I think. The wedding will be outdoors, pm 15:00 early dawn in our country. The dinner area is rough, earth floor! and simple environment. Live orchestra and 100 guests, sitting tables.

As an eventual extra I maybe will bring the Nikon 70-24 2,8.

I have decided to shoot with the 810.

If you have the time both to take in all my writing and give me your thoughts about my ideas I would really appreciate that. You know, I want to do my very best as it is my son getting married...:)

I sure do hope to hear from you!

Friendly yours,
Torbjörn Inge