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Hello Matt and Tina
Great videos , thanks for making the time to make them.

I would have 2 suggestions , one challenge would be Tina to shoot 1 roll of film, and Matt helping her out develop them ,it would help her in the composition stage, and keep her away from the spray and prey which I don't believe in , unless your doing sports, when she sees the counter going down, she will take her time to think it through and also lots of people will never see the process of developing film , it would be interesting to see.

The 2 nd suggestion would be to try and recreate a favorite photo that Tina likes, that would challenge her to think out of the box,(Digitalrev style) like for example for me ,it would be to emulate the photo of your dad that we saw in the video ,trying to place the strobes to give out the same effect. Let s see if Tina remembers the knowledge she learned while doing "Take Control of the Light" :)

Have a great shoot and keep it fun