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Good Evening Matt from Manila; Ph.. I am about to buy gear for my first home studio but as most people I am on a tight budget, I wont go through the full list of gear I am going to buy but the items are enough to give u an idea of where I am heading. Iam buying soft box umbrellas, one Silver reflective the other Translusent both 40". Instead of buying the speed lights as u use I am looking into using 75w AC Slave Flashes. What is you opnion of my idea please; I dont mind being told I am wrong or given a better idea. We never get to old to learn and I am no pro yet lol. I shot Nikon, a D7000 and a F5; thanks to you experance I use mostly Tamron lens. I watch your teachings more than any one now and even more than the Fro Jared Polain who I began learning from two years ago. I am a 55 year young man starting life over again with a camera in my hand. So please help this Old Dog learn new trucks ASAP lol