I am happy to announce a new series of art nude portraiture workshops.


* Sydney 16  February 2013 - Intimate Portraiture 


* Brisbane 24  February 2013 - Intimate Portraiture & Bodyscapes workshop



There are three different nude photography workshops I will be running in 2013.

1. Intimate portraiture - it may be partly dressed or undressed - and generally will be shot in a studio or setting that has great props such as designer furniture or great interiors. This is about environmental nude portraiture - the kind of striking and classy images you see in Italian Vogue magazine. The emphasis of the shot is NOT on the nude body parts, it is just an element of the overall portrait.

2. Classic studio nude photography - We will work through a variety of lighting set ups, poses and techniques against a simple backdrop to create evocative images. 

3. Bodyscapes - which are one of my favourites. Bodyscapes are often almost abstract, close ups and interesting vantage points that turn the curves and features of the model into art.

You will learn appropriate gear to use, settings and lighting set ups, as well as posing and how to work with the model to create the right atmosphere in the shoot. The specialist workshops are aimed at photographers of all levels of experience seeking to learn this particular artform. All participants must be over 18 years of age.

Classes are strictly limited to 4 - 6 students, run for 4 hours long and have an experienced professional nude model involved. A great model is paramount - as working with a group of photographer who are learning and practicing is a much tougher job than a 1 on 1 shoot.

Price is $495pp inclusive.

I am in the process of scheduling workshops for Tokyo, Sydney and Brisbane, and I expect to hold some whilst travelling through USA in March & April. I expect these will sell out fast - if you would like to reserve a place please get in touch to express your interest. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..